Annual Conference

Second Annual Conference on Family Research and Policy

The Impact of Wars and Conflicts on Arab Families

Date: 17-18 October, 2016

Building on the success of its first Annual Conference on Family Research and Policy, DIFI’s second conference will provide a platform for researchers and policymakers to discuss the impact of wars and conflicts on Arab families while taking into account contextual factors.

The conference aims to investigate the role of policy (international, regional and national) in promoting the well-being and protection of Arab families and their members under conditions of wars and conflicts. Through thought provoking sessions and stimulating panel discussions, the conference will provide avenues through which social scientists, policymakers, NGOs and CSOs can interact.

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First Annual Conference on Family Research and Policy

The Arab Family in an Age of Transition: Challenges and Resilience

Family Research and Policy

Date: 3 and 4 May 2015

The DIFI Annual Conference on Family Research and Policy seeks to promote research on the family in the Arab world. It also seeks to generate evidence to inform family policies that promote the wellbeing of families.

The conference is organized by The Doha International Family Institute in collaboration with the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) at Qatar University.

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