Marrying out: Trends and Patterns of Mixed Marriage Amongst Qataris


This study is based on an on-going research project on Mixed marriage among Qataris conducted by DIFI and funded by Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Center for International and Regional Studies from March 2015- March 2016. The purpose of the study was to document and analyze the main patterns and trends of mixed marriage in Qatar from 1985-2013. The results of the study indicated that while endogamous marriage is the main marriage pattern among the Qatari citizens, mixed marriage in Qatar is on the rise where it reached 23.1% in 2013 compared to 16.4% in 1985. Mixed marriage among Qatari males compared to Qatari females has increased systematically since 1985, despite the fact that mixed marriage among females compared to males was much higher in number, with the exception of the interval period of 2000- 2005, and 2013 where mixed marriage among Qatari females witnessed a drop. In mixed marriages, Qataris are still overall in favor of marrying someone from other GCC regions, followed by other Arab countries. However, there are some gender differences, where Qatari females are more likely than males to marry someone from other GCC areas. Qatari males in the last few years tend to marry from outside the GCC, mainly from other Arab countries.

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