Ramadan Symposia on Parenting Education and Fatherhood Ramadan Symposium (I): The Important Role of Fathers in Parenting

Time: Apr 05, 2022

The first symposia held on 5 April 2022 discussed the topic of “The Important Role of Fathers in Parenting,”:
In line with the Doha International Family Institute’s (DIFI) advocacy initiatives to promote family cohesion and quality family life, DIFI organized a set of virtual symposia to highlight the importance of fatherhood in positive parenting and the importance of developing parenting education programs in school curriculums.
The first symposia held online on 5 April 2022 discussed the topic of “The Important Role of Fathers in Parenting,” with the aim of underscoring the importance of the role of fathers in parenting and overall child wellbeing. It included a lively discussion between Dr. Hayat Nazar, consultant for Al Noor Institute for the Blind, and Mr. Nasser Bakheet Al Naimi, QF Student and Education Excellence Award Winner in 2021 and his father, Mr. Bakheet Al Naimi. The session was moderated by Dr. Sharifa Noaman Al Emadi, Executive Director of DIFI. During the session, Dr. Hayat presented her experience with visual impairment and the role played by her father and family in challenging the disability and overcoming the difficulties she faced to achieve success. She clarified in her presentation the important role of a father in caring for and raising his children and maintaining the cohesion of the family. Mr Nasser and his father, Mr. Bakheet also offered an interactive discussion on Mr. Nasser’s success and the pivotal role his father played in supporting and motivating him to persevere and succeed.
Like other QF initiatives, DIFI’s Ramadan Symposia offer a platform for researchers, experts, NGO and CSO representatives, and youth to come together and discourse topics of concern. More information on the sessions can be found on DIFI’s website and social media pages.


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