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Critical Literature Review on Families in Qatar

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“A Critical Review of Literature on Issues facing Qatari Families” provides a systematic review of research and studies on the family within the state of Qatar. This research project was initiated based on the idea that a comprehensive, one-stop scientific reference source should be made available that outlines the research efforts that have dealt with issues facing the Qatari family that readers and researchers alike can refer to as a knowledge base. Policy makers and those designing interventions could also rely on this source to provide scientific evidence for the formulation and development of various policy tools and practices. The report focuses on methodological and knowledge gaps related to the research and studies on the family in Qatar and puts forth several important proposals in order to further develop and enrich the creation of future research agendas, especially those related to the study of policies and practices.

The Arab Family Strength In Qatar, Jordan, and Tunisia


Through the lens of the international family strengths perspective, this report explores the strengths, whether individual, family, community, or culturally based, that families in Qatar, Jordan, and Tunisia employ when facing a variety of social, financial, and health-related challenges.

Integrating a Family Perspective in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Arab Countries: Aspirations and Challenges


Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund Arab States Regional Office (UNFPA ASRO) organized an Expert Group Meeting on “Integrating a Family Perspective in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Arab Countries: Aspirations and Challenges” on November 29–30 at the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha.

Pre and Post Migration Stressors and Marital Relations among Arab Refugee Families in Canada


A DIFI research report conducted by experts from Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI), University of Calgary and University of Guelph (Canada) and Doha International Family Institute (Qatar).  

Family caregivers for the elderly in Qatar


Exploring caregiving for the elderly is of the utmost importance as the family as a social institution is thought to be the cornerstone of society in Qatar. Also, the family is of particular importance for older individuals, especially when their physical and/or mental health declines and they can no longer function independently. Once this happens, it is often members of the family (e.g. a spouse or child) who become informal caregivers for the elderly person or persons requiring support. This report examines the impacts, challenges, benefits and coping mechanisms of family caregivers in Qatar.