Arab Family Studies: Critical Review

Topic :Book
Type :Family Cohesion
Publication Year :2018

In an aim to address the gap in global knowledge on the Arab family, DIFI initiated and funded the “Arab Family studies: Critical Review” book. The Publication that contains the contributions of 28 eminent scholars is edited by Dr. Suad Joseph, a distinguished Research Professor of Anthropology and Gender, and Women’s Studies, at the University of California, and published by Syracuse University.

The book addresses the importance of clarifying the concept of ‘the family’ and the difficulties surrounding this definition, as well as the challenging aspect of developing unifying concepts that collectively address the dynamics within and among diverse types of Arab families.

Of the book’s 24 chapters, 17 review literature that is classified according to Arab regions and countries, while the remaining seven focus on the main topics related to families in all Arab countries. They also provide insight into issues such as feminism, migration, Islamic law, education, media, demography, and war, in the context of the Arab family.

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