The 3rd International Women and Justice Summit on “Family Empowerment”

Time: Nov 23, 2018
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

The Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a member of Qatar Foundation, participated in the 3rd International Women and Justice Summit on “Family Empowerment”, organized by the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) in Istanbul, 23-24 November, 2018. His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey and the First Lady Emine Erdogan launched the third summit. Following the protocol speeches delivered by the President of KADEM, the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Services, and His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the “Leaders’ Session” composed of 12 ministers of Family Affairs from different countries around the world discussed the key policies and best practices to support families in the contemporary world.

Representing DIFI, Researcher Ahmed Aref delivered a speech on “The Contribution of Social Policies in Achieving Work-Family Balance (WFB)” during the session entitled “Towards a Better Work-Family Balance”. He presented the explicit and implicit framework of policies contributing to WFB, highlighting some key messages related to the fundamental role that social policies are playing in supporting working parents as caregivers, enabling them to reconcile the competing demands of paid and unpaid work. He presented evidence related to the negative repercussions of imbalance not only on family lives but also on institutional productivity. He underlined the politics of instituting these policies in different national contexts with an emphasis on the social cost of imbalance. Moreover, he pointed out the development of WFB policies in Qatar as a benchmark model in the region including the new provisions in the Qatar Human Resources Law of 2016 and the new WFB policies introduced by Qatar Foundation.

The summit brought together policy makers from different countries, as well as political actors, women entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, experts, journalists, activists, UN organizations and civil society representatives to discuss and debate the relevant issues to family empowerment policies from several different aspects.

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