DIFI discusses remote work in symposium on Family and Digital transformation

Date: June 16, 2020

DIFI participated in an online symposium organized by the Center for Family Studies and Research in Values and Law in the Kingdom of Morocco entitled “Family and Digital Transformation: New developments and challenges.” The symposium included a group of university faculties, doctors, lawyers, and parliamentarians who called for regulations and laws to accompany the digital transition imposed by the Corona pandemic (COVID-19) in a number of sectors, including family, and demanded the provision of budgets that allow downloading projects related to this transition.

In her opening speech, Dr. Sharifa Noaman Al-Emadi, Executive Director of DIFI, emphasized that this period came to help family members to rediscover each other, and increase their internal communication, affection, and intimacy, especially as our Arab community is built on family cohesion, which may contribute to overcoming this challenge smoothly. She also highlighted that the family is one of the most resilient social institutions; and it is the cornerstone of our society.

Also, Mrs Dina Al Kaabi, Policy Officer at DIFI, presented some of the results of the Institute’s research that show the positive effects of remote work experience, for both the employee and the employer in terms of business sustainability, ensuring continuity of production, reducing costs, increasing job desires, and enhancing family relationships through improving the balance between work and family. This came within the second theme of the symposium, which discussed ‘women’s remote work and positive expectations for the family and society within the framework of a new urban policy.’

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